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and shows us how the dogs, caught this community off guard. >> antioch police get a ride on the scene shooting and killing one of the dogs. >> as to where the dogs came from that is still a mystery. >> police say all four victims did not receive life-threatening industries they are shaken and they hit that the attack took place. >> this never says that she is confident the dogs off the street because this is halloween night and it is scary for the children. >> these dogs are undergoing testing for rabies. >> a federal appeals court in san francisco wednesday, overturned the conviction and ordered a new trial for a former east bay professor who had pleaded guilty to sexually abusing and infant in missouri in 2009. >> a pal of the ninth u.s. circuit court of appeals appeals said the trial judge in the case of canada keitel, 49 and probably ensure on plea negotiations by saying he was sentenced chyle to life in prison if kyl went to trial and was convicted of all charges pending against him. >> the powell said the statement by u.s. district judge jeffrey white of sentence cisco prejudice
fladeboe brings us up-to-date on the latest developments. >> santa clara county deputies is looking to have him extradited back to california for his charges. y. " we are seeking charges right now we are looking for a war to be issues to the court that would enable us to extradite him back here in " >> the board's mother as is now faced laughter's a bill on one thursday for a reunion with the to your old henry romero who was being cared for by arizona child protective services. what police say she got into an argument with the father and he took the and the triggering an amber alert he is charged with kidnapping and tie up the action pending his successful extradition. >> on wednesday evening after learning her son was safe the boy's mother spoke briefly to an interpreter. >> " i was really afraid i would not be able to find again or see again i was restored at scared in " >> all lanes of west about interstate 580 in oakland have reopened, after a truck fatally struck a female pedestrian. >> this incident happed this morning shortly before 5:00 a.m.. >> the chp said the crash, close of the
six - this morning in marin county. kron 4's mike pelton shows us how authorities believe weather played a factor and why they say, it's lucky no one was hurt. it's a story you'll see only on 4. >> reporter: southbound 101, here is the scene from earlier this morning just before 6:00 a garbage truck parked toward making his first stop for the day. the slick roads caused the truck to slide back down the hill crossing the side and on to the freeway. that was all before 6:00 this morning when you have a lot of traffic on southbound 101. there was no injuries. lucky that this accident was not much worse. >> reporter: can you describe what the conditions were like at 550 on the highway? >> there is a lot of cars and commuters. we are again lucky that there were no car accidents. >> reporter: i did speak with the police authorities and they say the accident was still under investigation. both trust both breaks on the trip were set but that could have played a factor in the accident. >> pam: deceitful traffic heading east. although the pace matt still look what there is no major problem
with the guy the good samaratin who helped george orbantell him kron4 would love to talk himhe can contact us by sending a message to m. >> reporter:haaziq madyun kron4news >> catherine: here's a map heading into the caldecott tunnel. this is the oakland side. the fire happened in the right=most bore. again headed eastbound. the car caught fire about 3- quarters of the way through. >> reporter:kron4's mike pelton talked to a man who was in the tunnel when it happened. and recorded it all. >> reporter:i was telling people we need to start moving.i was concerned >> reporter:captured all on his cell phone, kevin watkins recounts the nerve- racking moments, escaping a dimly-lit, smoke-filled caldecott tunnel - caused by a car fire (cheers & applause) >>you could smell something burning tie i then grabbed myself and started following the crowd out >> reporter:kevin tells me he was about 15 cars behind the one that caught fire.ditching his newly- purchased nissan after smoke.lots of it.filled the tunnel >>i was putting my shirt over my face and i
the philippines, giving us a sense of how this is impacting people and property. take a look at this picture. this is a home, a house being swallowed by the angry sea. then you have debris everywhere, littering the roadway here. you see some people have emerged from their homes to survey the damage. this woman taking her two young children to an evacuation shelter. and trees are down everywhere. people are trying to get the trees out of the roadways. the long road to recovery and rebuilding begins. pam? >> i'm here in the weather center, with our chief meteorologist jacquelyn bennett. she's been tracking the path of this massive typhoon since yesterday when we got wind of it. where is it now? >> west of the philippine islands, moving to the south china sea and it's going to weaken as it moves through. >> glad to hear that. >> when it came into the philippines, it was a strong category 5. the categories are designed by wind speed. it left the philippines as a category 4. right now, it's a category 3. the sustained winds are about 125 miles an hour. and the range of sustained winds for a categ
justine waldman was at that press conference today. she joins us now live >> reporter:the sheriff revealed major breakdowns in communications, problems with security cameras and admitted that incomplete searches were done. while lynne spalding was missing. >> reporter:we learned today that 57-year old spalding was about to be discharged. the day the sheriff said she "wandered off." >> reporter:but her doctor told a deputy she was "very confused and not safe to be on her own." the sheriff also said. log books first mis-identified spalding as african american and asian woman. spalding is white. >> reporter:plus, a supervisor tried to review securtiy video to find out if it was possible to see spalding leaving. but there was a hardware problem and it didn't work. until days later. we don't know what the video shows. >> reporter:then more than a week after she was reported missing. hospital officials asked deputies to search the entire hospital. and the sheriff said today. that was not done correctly. >> reporter:the sheriff also addressed the reports that. a still unidentified man. saw a body
panics and a bay area street for some very dangerous fun and members of the u.s. military honored across the bay and beyond on this veteran's day. >>> we are looking live at the cam downtown san francisco where we are seeing cloudy skies. a storm off shore. when we could expect rain coming up. i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the important part is that you're happy now. and i got you this visor. you made a visor! yes! that i'll never wear. ohh. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for two years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. . >>> there was another large side show in oakland this weekend. you can see the tail end in this video. police were called as hundred of cars blocked the road. the same road has been the sight of past side shows and criminal activity including the disturbing shooting you a
. what i am proposing is use of our democratic processes to achieve the same goal that you want to achieve, but it will not be as easy as shouting. >> reporter: the heckler felt compelled to scream out because of what his friends and family members are going through with immigration. >> has the power to stop immigration but he is afraid. >> reporter: maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> pam: plenty of protesters greeted the president even before his speech. they get a third outside the betty mann on center this morning to go with his own rifle. police kept them behind their kids on the corner of washington and mason street some are very angry about immigration issues. at the president's other stops, the demonstrators protested government drones and the keystone and expel all oil pipeline. >> reporter: the president attacked a lot in during his time in san francisco. after take after talking immigration reform and chinatown at 119 mason st. he attended to fund raisers one at the new san francisco jazz center in hayes valley that benefits the democratic national committee. tickets they'r
to scientists at the u.s. geological survey in menlo park, who are closely watching and counting the earthquakes. the red star on this first point-4 magnitude quake hit today, while the yellow and orange dots mark earlier temblors. >> reporter:there have been at least six since friday. now let's take a look at another map, which shows a trio of historical earthquake swarms in the same area. the green dots representing the dozens of earthquakes recorded from november 2002 to march 2003, the largest of which was 4-point-2. >> reporter:and finally, the orange dots represent a quake swarm from the early 1990's when as many as 350 small earthquakes were recorded over a six- week period near alamo. wh san ramon valley residents going forward? >> is what is not really possible a special in one other than telling us this is an active area. earthquakes and the bay area and they remind us that we have bigger ones down the road. it just a reminder to prepare >> reporter:happening now in the >> pam: philippines, a new dimension to tragedy: typhoon survivors have been killed in the desperate scramble for re
is struggling and now he has been fined $50,000. >>> are from a home us troops celebrated the holiday with a traditional thanksgiving feast. thousands of troops are spending things giving in afghanistan and they are thinking about family and friends at home. >>> the storm that blew over at the post caused some delays but overall travel went well. we have the update. >>> you could call it a collective sigh of relief. as millions of americans raced through crowds to get to their loved ones via were some inconveniences but no major delays. airports bold travelers. -- airports pulled out all stops to hetaq&ers. here in atlanta the busiest airport in the world that can be has been going well. for those who made the journey by car there was snow in michigan, and train travelers were stalled right at rush hour. a-train in and the trouble at every train running late. it is the busiest travel day of the year. many families may have been delayed but they were reunited. >>> time to check in on our weather today. this is a live picture from our camera. look at that sunset. it is a beautiful tha
." >> after using a blanket to smother the flames, suffering burns to his arms, hand and face, hacker discovered it wasn't his girlfriends curling iron, but rather his e-cigarette. he believes it exploded. >> "it didn't stop's like when you keep filling up a gas tank, it just kept going." >> hacker says he just started using the e- cigarette from the maker named "foos" a week before.ironically because he heard e-cigarettes were better for his health. >> "not when they explode and catch fire to your bed." >> reached by email, a spokesperson for "foos e- cigarettes" says they have never heard of or had any reports of safety issues with their products and that quote "our products are manufactured with every measure of safety." but a google search shows reports of other brand e- cigarettes exploding across the country. >> hacker says he started using e-cigarettes to quit smoking. .but now he's back to normal >> i have the best deals that are born to be offered. >> now at 5:30. black friday mania across the country. >> a hefty fine and eight credit ding. all for writing a bad r
.and is where ships using the port of oakland have to navigate. the 105 foot long tugboat was an envoronmental issue.and also made it diffucilt for other boats to navigate around it. >> reporter:the boat has been nicknamed captain al.and it's one of two vessels being removed. bringing it up is part of a two month long cleanup of the estuary. the 3 million dollar project is being paid for by the e- p-a, cal recycle and the bay ship and yacht company. >> catherine: a plan is in the works to deal with those wild pigs plaguing a golf course and its neighbors in san jose. as rob fladeboe reports-- it begins with the city clearing the way for a professional to shoot the pigs. >> people have tried to enjoy their backyard their front lawns and to be outside and from a safety standpoint they are dangerous. >> reporter:her lawn torn up by wild pigs no fewer than eight times in recent months, almaden valley resident vera hill says, yes indeed, it's about time something is done. >> reporter:on tuesday, the san jose city council will consider what's called an 'urgency ordinance' that would allow a state- l
to a drone is giving us a better idea of the scope of the devastation.. >> catherine: it's not until you get an aerial view -- that you get a handle on the true dimensions of the tragedy. and it's clear why rescue workers say they have months - if not years - of work ahead. these are views of tacloban - the hardest hit city. it's now been 11 days since the typhoon hit. >> catherine: at least 42- hundred people were killed. the world bank has now offered a 500-million-dollar emergency loan to help re- build. >> pam: a body was found this morning on the rocks at lands end. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc7 news. you can see police officers and firefighters at the scene, near the body. patrol cars were stationed further up the road. >> pam:somebody called and reported seeing the deceased person. shortly before 8:30, then hung up. >> pam: the body. no word yet on the identity of the person. the san francisco medical examiner's office is working to determine the cause of death. >> pam: coming up at 5:15. going viral across the nation. kron 4 sits down with the family. behind
live, you can see the cloud coverage, sticking with us, but the clear skies is expected as we head to tomorrow. i have more on that, and weekend forecast coming up. . >>> singer justin bieber is apologizing after insulting an entire country, the cell phone video, show the pop star, kicking and sweeping away the flag that had been thrown on the stage. you can hear the concert goer yelling to stop. he said he thought it was a shirt, and never meant to disrespect the fans. insulting the flag is a crime. >>> still ahead tonight, out day-to-day or essential? the new push the get cur siff writing back in the classroom. >>> then, the doctors break the bad news had to this driver involved in this serious wreck. >>> the hot spots. >> we continue to monitor this big problem. i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the important part i
shotgun. his girlfriend claimed he used it to threaten her - by shoving it in her face. >> reporter: what is the system doing to to purchase right now at 59 currently in san francisco, 61 in san mateo, the v-6 in concord, 55 in antioch and 59 in fremont and san jose. >> reporter: will it be and drink rain i will have those answers for you coming up >> pam: coming up at 5:15. before you hit the stores -- the new list of dangerous toys you want to avoid. then at 5:30. before you hit the road -- the deadly storm moving across the united states. but next -- people magazin names the sexiest man alive -- over 55. i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the important part is that you're happy now. and i got you this visor. you made a visor! yes! that i'll never wear. ohh. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for two year
of human itd. ity. are there things, powers around here, it's even scare tow think they used -- scary to think they used demonic symbols. >> it's sad, in my words, it's disgusting, behavior that is shocking to see that still occurs in 2013. as reported in some of the medial outlets, it would be -- media outlets it would be in sxroerpt shocking 50-year -- inappropriate and shocking 50 years ago, we're all out ranged and disappointed. >> reporter: now, the authorities so far have not identified the victim nor has he made any public comment. there are three suspects that have not been arrested so far. they are expected to surrender. all three are freshman charged with misdemeanor hate crimes and battery. something that came out of that news conference, two of the three roommates were immediately removed from that situation once police got involved here of the 3rd person continued to be a roommate and was removed today. kron 4 news. >>> developing at this hour, bart and its unions have no contract agreement tonight. this comes after a vote by the bart district board today. could this mean
using chainsaws to cut downed trees. nay are digging into the ground to uncover smoky roots. using foam in some spots to make sure a hot spot doesn't flare-up and take off. the big concern at this home as well as elsewhere out here was the wind. see how it is bending bag the trees? at times, the gust was so intense as they tried to get the crews in action. wind whipped up the smoke from the smoldering embers, making it difficult to see and breathe. take a look from this vantage point, you can see how the smoke created a ice over the entire valley. certainly a challenging day for everyone up here. >> >> and the wind is not over yet, we are still seeing gusty conditions mainly through the north bay and the east bay, especially the east bay hills. current wind gusts, still gusting to 39-miles per hour in fairfield. 30 in vallejo. 20 through the east bay valley and the hills, gusts in the 40 mile-an-hour range. wind advisory remains in effect for much of the north bay. it's the higher terrain. fairfield included in the wind advisory are, set to expire at 10:00 tonight. it looks like it will
of the mayor smoking a crack pipe. and today.he finally admitted to reporters that he has used the drug. >> reporter:he said he hadn't lied before -- reporters just didn't ask the right questions. >>do you smoke crack cocaine? >>exactly, yes i have smoked crack cocaine, but no. do i? am i an addict? no. have i tried it? um. probably in one of my drunken stupors. probably approximately about a year ago. i answered your question. you asked the question properly, i'll answer it. >> reporter:toronto city council member john filion, reacted to the admission shortly after saying, "i think the mayor needs to step aside and take stock of his life as this situation becomes more absurd." coming up. >> catherine: it's election day. kron4 breaks down some of the most controversial bay area ballot measures. including one that could change the san francisco skyline. >> catherine: then -- a gunman terrorizes people in a mall -- leaving shoppers stranded for hours. >> catherine: how it all ended. but first. where you can now see the snarling creature. that used to live on the eastern span of the bay br
today we knew miles but this picture the make a wish foundation sent us this morning he literally transformed into the basket and transform the country into a bunch of bad kid fans obsessed with the little guys brave battle with cancer at his toward day fighting crime keeping got the city safe. >> reporter: he answered a cry for help and rush hills. that kid jump into action. rescuing the damsel she was tied up on cable car tracks and a suspicious device needed this army no problem for bad kid! >> reporter: he gets a big hug and kiss damsel. >> reporter: from there back in the bat mobile becket was off to the financial district. that is where the real lure was rubbing a bank vault near montgomery and klay. that kid was on the route again having to building making sure we work of the real killer was loaded into a sfpd patty well at it and hauled away. that kid took a moment to bask in the glory waving as his thankful fans fought to get close to a realize superhero. >> reporter: even gave one a high five. from the financial district was back to union square were back kid died like a
on a bus in oakland. kron 4's will tran tells us what happened at alameda >> we did however track down on one of the attorneys in this is what he had to say about his client. >> what kind of defense can you have. >> we haveen the discovery so we do not know what the defense will be and we will not comment at this time but i can tell you that he is 16 years old and he is entitled to a defense. whatever defense is appropriate. >> have you spoken to him personally? finlay i have. >> no further comments. >> thomas will be back in court on november 15th. will tran, kron 4 news. >> 49ers linebacker aldon smith arrived right on schedule for his 1:30 court appearance but answered answered no questions as he walked into the courthouse, along with his his parents and attorney. inside department 23, dressed in a grey suit and checked shirt, smith stood quietly as his attorney expressed his client's intention to enter a plea of not guilty to charges of possessing assault weapons that are illegal in california. afterwards, smith's attorney, josh bentley, said today was just the beginning of smith's
they are telling us traveling to ask f o has been a pleasant one. >> we were on the flight early with the spot to get through the security gate or checkpoints. everything was nice and smooth. >> we had no weather into dense and everything was on time. i was not expecting that as we dodged a bullet we made it before the storm, so i do not know how it is now but we did make it before anything happened. >> reporter: there has been a flight to dallas fort worth that had trouble. 92 percent on-time this is supposed to be the second busiest day of the travel day. but it certainly does not look that way with a lot of people coming in. if all are dropping some off no trouble at all people have decided that they do not want to fly and and they just delayed their plans. long-term parking is free filled up. if that is filled up you get a voucher to park in the domestic terminal looking like it is pretty well planned so if you need to park that will be parking space for wherever you need to go. demand carmen kron 4 news. >> reporter: the snow no longer relegated to upstate produce seed new york city cover
williams tell me. police maintained that williams was resisting arrest and officers used reasonable force. we did learn from the district attorney's office that the case has been discharged, pending further investigation. the sheriff's office tells me that wouldn't is, life in mission district. live >> reporter: we will be back like again at 6. live >> pam: next at 5 pyrrhic george zimmerman was in court today on domestic violence charges and was released from jail a few hours later. it is the latest in a string of right hands with the law. since being acquitted of killing trade bond martin. trayvon martin. >> catherine: back in florida courtroom. and people are beginning to wonder why george zimmerman can't stay out of trouble. this time his girlfriend called police after accusing him of pointing a gun at her. he denies it. the judge laid out the charges. "do you understand that? yes, your honor." >> reporter: >> catherine: 911 calls from some of man's girlfriend and zimmermann himself told different stories. >> you just broke my glass table patrick you just broke my sunglasses. and you
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